Species Crocus mix


Species Crocus mix

Crocus A mix of colors blooming in very early spring, mostly Snow Crocus C. chrysanthus, with some of the other small, low-growing species as well.

2–4" tall. Very Early Spring blooms, Z3-8, 6cm/up bulbs.

6421 Species Crocus mix
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Additional Information

Spring Crocus

Spring Crocus provide a burst of color in early spring as well as food for bees. Once established, crocus can spread by “cormlets” and seed in well-drained areas. Foliage of low-growing varieties fades before the grass needs mowing.

One of the most popular genera, they are welcome precursors of spring—colorful, long-lived, and easy to grow. Their waxy coat allows them to bloom even through a late snow. Flowers open wide in bright sun and close up at night and on grey days.

In his award-winning book The Holistic Orchard, Michael Phillips recommends planting crocus in the orchard to help attract and retain native orchard mason bees. Crocus provide a pollen source before the fruit trees bloom.

Descriptions and Codes

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