Jumbo Crocus mix


Jumbo Crocus mix

Crocus vernus Yellow, white, purple, blue and stripes, for large-scale naturalizing or border plantings.

4–6" tall. Very Early to Early Spring blooms, Z3-8. Landscape size bulbs, 7-8cm.

6433 Jumbo Crocus mix
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Additional Information

Jumbo Crocus

The large Dutch Crocus or Jumbo Crocus are the most commonly grown crocus. Slightly later than the smaller types. Good for bedding, naturalizing and forcing.

Flowers do equally well in sun or partial shade. May need to be divided every 3–4 years to prevent overcrowding.

Spring Crocus

A classic for early spring color that also provides food for bees.

One of the most popular genera, they are welcome precursors of spring—colorful, long-lived, and easy to grow. Their waxy coat allows them to bloom even through a late snow. Flowers open wide in bright sun and close up at night and on grey days.

Once established, crocus can spread by “cormlets” and seed in well-drained areas. Foliage of low-growing varieties fades before the grass needs mowing.

In his award-winning book The Holistic Orchard, Michael Phillips recommends planting crocus in the orchard to help attract and retain native orchard mason bees. Crocus provide a pollen source before the fruit trees bloom.

Descriptions and Codes

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