Guinea-Hen Flower Fritillaria


Guinea-Hen Flower Fritillaria

Fritillaria meleagris Checkered 1½" flowers are usually plum or bronze, but some are lilac-pink or white. Delicate single bells hang on slender grey-green grasslike stems. Also called Checkered Lily or Snake’s Head Fritillary.

Will spread in a well-drained sheltered spot; also suitable in borders, grassy or humusy areas. Native to Europe where it grows all over in meadows and along streams.

10–14" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-8. 6cm/up bulbs.

6613 Guinea-Hen Flower
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Additional Information

Miscellaneous Bulbs

The Royal General Bulbgrowers Association in Holland (Koninklijke Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollencultuur, or KAVB) gives this large group of flowers the name Miscellaneous Bulbs. The expensive catalogs call them specialty or accent bulbs; some call them minor or dwarf bulbs (even though some of the fritillaries are huge!); Louise Beebe Wilder covered most of them in her 1936 classic Adventures with Hardy Bulbs. Whatever you call them, most are uncommonly sweet, delicate, colorful, and completely welcome in spring.

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