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Cass Turnbull’s Guide to Pruning: What, When, Where & How to Prune for a More Beautiful Garden
Cass Turnbull’s Guide to Pruning: What, When, Where & How to Prune for a More Beautiful GardenBook
9375 by Cass Turnbull, 365 pages, 7¼x9, softcover. I’m the kind of tree gardener who feels that one pruning book is not enough. Each one has something... read more
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The Pruning Book
The Pruning BookBook
9487 by Lee Reich, 234 pages, 8x10, softcover. A good introduction to pruning, from fruit trees and vines to evergreens and ornamental shrubs as well... read more
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Hydroponic Shears
Hydroponic ShearsTool
8951 For trimming jobs requiring delicacy and precision. Stainless steel blades extend through the rubber-coated plastic handles, making these shears... read more
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OTC Bypass Pruners
OTC Bypass PrunersTool
8950 Cut garlic scapes, harvest tomatoes, greens and herbs. A lightweight inexpensive harvest shear. The low cost should help alleviate the concern... read more
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Felco® #200-A Loppers
Felco® #200-A LoppersFelco
8949 An excellent lopper with 17" tubular aluminum handles capable of cutting branches up to 1½" diameter. Comfortable to handle, easy to use. The... read more
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Felco® #300 Flower Shears
Felco® #300 Flower ShearsFelco
8943 Useful for light pruning, deadheading and cutting stems for arranging. Designed by Felco and manufactured in Italy with the same fine steel as the... read more
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Felco® #310 Harvest Shears
Felco® #310 Harvest ShearsFelco
8946 Fruit and vegetable harvesting shear, lightweight with narrow head for harvesting grapes and other produce. Felco design and steel, Italian... read more
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Felco® #6 Pruners
Felco® #6 PrunersFelco
8934 Designed for a smaller hand, otherwise just like the heavy-duty Felco #8 pruners. Customer Anne Greensfelder, an occupational therapist... read more
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Felco® #600 Folding Pruning Saw
Felco® #600 Folding Pruning SawFelco
8955 Japanese-style pull-action pruning saw with a locking blade that folds into the handle. The patented design of the blade, thicker at the bottom... read more
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Felco® #611 Straight Pruning Saw
Felco® #611 Straight Pruning SawFelco
8958 Larger pruning saw with durable ergonomic non-slip plastic handle. 13" blade features the same patented Japanese design as the Felco #600 model,... read more
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Felco® #7 or #10 Pruners
Felco® #7 or #10 PrunersFelco
8937 The handle that sits on one’s fingers rotates to allow fingers to move naturally, reducing the fatigue and blistering brought on by a hard day’s... read more
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Felco® #8 or #9 Pruners
Felco® #8 or #9 PrunersFelco
8940 The classic Felco handpruners: heavy-duty, lightweight, comfortable to hold. Excellent cutting action. Replaceable blades with sap groove and... read more
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Felco® F160 Pruners
Felco® F160 PrunersFelco
8931 A very lightweight pruner with composite fiber handles, hardened steel blade and anvil. Angled head and handles are ergonomically designed to... read more
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Felco® Lubricant
Felco® LubricantFelco
8970 Lightweight synthetic non-stick formula does not get resinous with age or oxidation. Developed for cleaning gardening and workshop tools. Provides... read more
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Felco® Pruner Grease
Felco® Pruner GreaseFelco
8973 High-quality grease prevents corrosion and keeps parts moving freely. Clean your pruners regularly with Felco Lubricant then coat the moving parts... read more
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Felco® Saw Replacement Blades
Felco® Saw Replacement BladesFelco
8961 For Felco #600 and #611 saws. read more
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Shear Case
Shear CaseFelco
8964 for Felco® pruners or shears. Heavy leather case you can clip onto belt, waistband or pocket. Molds itself to the shape of your pruner. read more
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All-purpose Budding Knife
All-purpose Budding KnifeGrafting
8916 Pointed curved-end 2" stainless steel blade for cutting buds and slicing insertion slits in the bark of the host rootstock. Round-tipped solid... read more
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Folding Grafting Knife
Folding Grafting KnifeGrafting
8913 A strong all-purpose knife, good for grafting or light pruning. 2¼" stainless steel blade folds into 3½" alloy-lined nylon handle. read more
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Grafting Kit
Grafting KitGrafting
8895 Everything you need except the scionwood. grafting knife; two kinds of grafting tape? ½" Parafilm® tape for most grafts, and PVC tape where a... read more
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Grafting Wax
Grafting WaxGrafting
8904 Use to seal and protect new grafts from the elements. Does not need to be heated, just work in your hands until soft and pliable and then fill any... read more
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Parafilm® Grafting & Budding Tape
Parafilm® Grafting & Budding TapeGrafting
8898 Very stretchy ½" or NEW! 1" tape holds graft union firmly together. Unlike PVC, Parafilm, a low-molecular-weight polyethylene product, is... read more
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PVC Grafting Tape
PVC Grafting TapeGrafting
8901 Some grafters report that Parafilm® tape is not strong enough for larger grafts. PVC tape is much stronger than Parafilm and will not break down.... read more
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Rubber Grafting StripsGrafting
8902 By customer request. Rubber strips are more suitable for large grafts and supply more even pressure across the entire grafted area than tape does.... read more
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Treekote™ Grafting Sealer
Treekote™ Grafting SealerGrafting
8910 Water-soluble graft dressing emulsion. Dries quickly. Used extensively and successfully with any kind of grafting. (We do not recommend painting... read more
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Orchard Tools
Limb Spreaders
Limb SpreadersOrchard Tool
8893 These galvanized metal limb spreaders are more durable than the plastic versions we used to carry. Use them to establish optimal crotch angles on... read more
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Tree Guards
Tree GuardsOrchard Tool
8892 Spiral plastic guards protect tree trunks from mice in the winter. Take them off during the growing season lest they provide a habitat for borers.... read more
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Wheeler Pruning Saw
Wheeler Pruning SawOrchard Tool
8953 John Bunker says, “Although not well known outside the orchard trade, this is the best all-around pruning saw there is. I never prune a tree... read more
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Wheeler Pruning Saw Replacement BladesOrchard Tool
8954 No matter how good the blade is, it prunes only 50 full-sized trees. Keep your Wheeler Saw in shape with spare blades. Bundle of three. read more
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Diafold Double-Sided Folding Sharpener
Diafold Double-Sided Folding Sharpenerout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8979 A plastic clamshell handle encloses a two-sided 4" whetstone of diamond crystals embedded in nickel and permanently bonded to a flat steel... read more
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Diafold Folding Flat File
Diafold Folding Flat Fileclearance
8982 Same diamond surface as the coarse grit side of the Diafold Double-Sided but thinner and tapered to get into the narrow spaces. Clamshell case for... read more
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Felco® Sharpener
Felco® SharpenerSharpener
8967 Composite steel blade with two precision edges hones and imparts the correct cutting angle in the same stroke. Hold sharpener at a 30–50° angle to... read more
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Sharpener for Dummies
Sharpener for DummiesSharpener
8968 Those with a knack for sharpening tools consider it an art and a science, and you couldn’t pry the good old-fashioned sharpening stone from their... read more
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Silky Hayauchi Pole SawSilky
8959 Hayauchi is Japanese for ‘fast beating’—as in drumming or typing. It also makes for fast sawing, especially in taller trees like pears or cherries... read more
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Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw
Silky Pocketboy Folding SawSilky
8956 5" blade folds into a black nonslip rubberized handle. This little guy is not the saw to tackle your largest pruning jobs, but it fits nicely in... read more
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Silky Replacement BladesSilky
8962 For Pocketboy, Sugoi, and Hayauchi, replacement blades to keep pruning silky smooth. read more
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Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning Saw
Silky Sugoi Straight Pruning SawSilky
8957 Sugoi is Japanese for amazing and awesome! 14½" gently curved chrome-plated blade with 5.5 teeth per inch. Comes with a bright yellow plastic... read more
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