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Livestock Supplies

Feeding & Watering

Automatic Poultry Waterer
Automatic Poultry Watererout-of-stock, clearance SOLD OUT
8590 Five-quart waterer attaches to ¾" hose. Automatic float controls water level (which is adjustable) and reduces spilling and overflow.... read more
Nipple Waterer
Feeding & Watering
Nipple Waterer
8587 Trying to water hogs in an open trough or bowl is an exercise in futility, as the hogs will think you put that water there to entertain them, not... read more
Rojo Float Valve
Rojo Float Valveclearance
8584 Quickly and automatically fills and maintains water levels in stock tanks for cattle, sheep, goats and horses to reduce the time and effort you... read more
Small Range Feeder
Small Range Feederclearance
8596 Feeder for pastured poultry with feed-saver grill and rain shield. 50# capacity. Pan lip 4¾" high. read more
Stock Tank De-Icer
Stock Tank De-Icerclearance
8593 Livestock treated to warm water in the winter will drink more, improving feed efficiency and reducing digestive problems. 1250W cast-aluminum... read more