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Farm Seed


Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24
Alfalfa, Kingfisher OR24 OGout-of-stock
8001 Medicago sativa Alfalfa was first cultivated in ancient Persia; it was adopted by the Greeks when they were invaded by the Persians in 490 BCE, and... read more


Alfalfa Meal
Alfalfa Meal OG
8260 (2.6-0.5-2.7 avg.) Popular among veganic gardeners, and hands-down the best-smelling fertilizer out there. Excellent alternative to blood meal as... read more



N-Dure Alfalfa & Clover Inoculant
N-Dure Alfalfa & Clover Inoculant
8158 For alfalfa, sweet clover and all the Trifolium clovers we list. read more