Yoinashi Asian Pear

Fall. Fowler Nurseries intro, Newcastle, CA, about 1987.

Large conic light brown russeted fruit. Fine-textured off-white flesh is crisp, juicy, aromatic and sweet.

Means ‘good pear’ in Japanese. It is a good variety! One of the folks at Fowler Nurseries described it to us as having “a little bit of a zip” to it. Harvest after Hosui and before Shinko.

Upright medium-vigorous tree. Moderate tolerance to fireblight. Z5. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Additional Information

Asian Pears

Although partly self-fruitful, pollinators are recommended. The varieties we offer will pollinate one another. Some European pears, notably Bartlett, will also act as pollinators. Plant 15–20' apart.

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