Worden Grape

Mid. V. labrusca Concord seedling. Minetto, NY, 1863. Heirloom variety.

Large long broad tapering clusters of medium-sized round dark purplish blue-black berries with a heavy bloom, thin tender skin and greenish translucent juicy flesh. Sweet mildly foxy flavor with excellent fresh-eating quality. Ripens 2-3 weeks earlier than its parent.

In 1908, The Grapes of New York recorded, “Of all the offspring of Concord, this variety is best known and is most meritorious.” Green’s catalog from 1904 states, “If you fail to plant a Worden grape you will make a mistake.”

Healthy hardy vigorous productive vines. Z4. (well-rooted bare-root vines)

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Grapes do not need another variety for pollination. Space 8–12' apart in rows 8–12' apart.

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