Winekist Apple


Winekist Apple

Summer. Unknown parentage. Carl A. Hansen intro, Brookings, SD, 1949.

Medium-sized fruit is wine red with patches and stripes of darker red and very small white dots. The very juicy coarse flesh is almost solid beet red, deeper color than Redfield. Very good—though extremely tart—cranberry flavor. Makes a colorful addition to fresh cider or sauce. Good fresh eating for those who like it tart.

For many years we assumed the apple was the creation of the Winthrop, Maine, fruit explorer and collector Morris Towle, who had it in his collection. Dan Bussey’s research has straightened that out. It must have come back east shortly after its introduction.

Leaves are tomentose (soft and woolly) and have a dark reddish cast. Blossoms are light pink. Tree is a natural semi-dwarf. Blooms midseason. Z3. Maine Grown. (Semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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