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Join us for the 2019 Fedco Tree Sale
Friday & Saturday, May 3-4

At the Trees warehouse, we’ll have a huge assortment of fruit trees, fruiting shrubs and vines, ornamental trees, shrubs and vines; ornamental and medicinal perennial plant crowns, asparagus crowns, berry plants, organically grown seedlings and more. Much of what we offered in the catalog will be on hand, in addition to many plants we had not listed. However, there will be NO scionwood available.

Up the hill at our warehouses on the Bellsqueeze Road, we have seeds for garden and farm, seed potatoes, organic fertilizers and pest control, and supplies for orchard, farm and garden.

Enjoy the adventure! We hope to see you there.

In July 2015, the editors of Downeast magazine selected the Annual Fedco Tree Sale as the Best Springtime Tradition. Thanks!

For Fedco Trees, the street address is 213 Hinckley Rd., Clinton, ME.

Fedco Seeds, Potatoes, Onions and Exotics and Organic Growers Supply are just up the hill at 688 Bellsqueeze Rd.