Toka Hybrid Plum


Toka Hybrid Plum

Late Summer. (Prunus americana x Prunus simonii) NE Hansen intro, SD Exp Stn, 1911.

Rosy red fruit, up to 1½" in diameter, mottled with darker purplish-red and covered with a faint bloom.

Grower Don Johnson’s comment: “Talk about flavor: candy plum.” Ed Fackler called Toka the best-flavored plum he grew in his Indiana orchard.

Sweet, distinctive, meaty and flavorful. Not real juicy. Somewhat freestone.

Extremely vigorous tree blooms heavily every year. Diligent pruning may be required to keep it from becoming a bit of a monster.

Considered a good pollinator for other hybrid plums because of its long bloom period. Z3. Indigenous Royalties. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Additional Information

Hybrid Plums

Hybrid plums require a second variety for pollination. They can be planted close to form a thicket, or spaced 15–20' in an orchard setting. Include native plum pollinators (Prunus americana seedlings or named varieties Pamela, South Dakota and Toka) among the hybrids for best results. At maturity, hybrid plums are roughly 15–20' tall.

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