The Apples of New York Book


The Apples of New York Book

by Spencer Ambrose Beach, 1905. 2-volume set, 764 pages, hardcover.

This two-volume encyclopedia of apples grown throughout the U.S. before 1900 is an essential text for apple enthusiasts. I refer to Beach almost every day of the year. Don’t be misled by the name—it’s not just about New York.

Although it misses many of our obscure local varieties, Beach covers hundreds of the most important historic varieties you’ll come across. It’s not a searchable key, but it is fantastic with good-to-excellent histories, detailed descriptions and color images.

Volume one includes a general history of apples and an explanation of relevant terminology related to apple identification. Original sets of The Apples of New York are still out there although prohibitively expensive for most folks. We’re offering a very decent hardcover reprint—good for those who want to go easy on their first editions, and great for those who can’t lay out the big bucks for an original.

No need to wait until spring to receive The Apples of New York. We’ll ship it within a few weeks of receiving your order. -John Bunker

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