Shiitake Mushroom

Lentinula edodes Ships on our regular schedule, between March 25 and April 12. Brown umbrella-shaped spongy caps, very nutritious and medicinal. Good for drying and reconstituting in winter soups. Meaty texture when cooked. Grows best on oak and maple. Fruits throughout the growing season and responds well to commercial forced-fruiting production methods. This is the Wide Range Shiitake strain.

Plug Spawn are small wooden dowels colonized by mushroom mycelium, available in bags of 100 or 500.
Sawdust Spawn is hardwood sawdust colonized by mushroom mycelium; bag contains 5½ lbs.
Plug Kit contains 100 plugs, wax, dauber, 5⁄16" drill bit, instructions.
Countertop Kit contains a 5-lb inoculated sawdust block and instructions.

595 Shiitake
Item Discounted
L595A: 100 plugs, 100 for $15.00
Ordering closed for the season
L595B: 500 plugs, 500 for $32.00
Ordering closed for the season
595C: Sawdust spawn, 1 for $20.00
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L595D: Plug kit, 1 for $25.00
Ordering closed for the season
595E: Countertop kit, 1 for $25.00
Ordering closed for the season
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