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Nut Trees
American Chestnut Seedlings
American Chestnut SeedlingsChestnut
403 Castanea dentata Up to 100'. Fast growing and straight trunked with a wide-branching magnificent rounded crown. Fragrant white blooms in July. Ribbed sharp-toothed lustrous dark green foliage. Yellow fall color. read more
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American Hazelnut Seedlings
American Hazelnut SeedlingsHazelnut
404 Corylus americana 12-18' x 10-15'. Multi-stemmed rounded native shrub with sweet excellent nuts. Showy catkins in spring. Dark green serrated foliage in summer. Patchwork of reds, yellows, oranges, greens in autumn. read more
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Experimental Hybrid HazelHazelnut
405 Corylus cross Seedling shrubs produced from crosses of three species. The nuts will likely be larger than those from other seedlings. Highly resistant or immune to filbert blight. ME Grown. read more
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Shagbark Hickory Seedlings
Shagbark Hickory SeedlingsHickory
402 Carya ovata 60-80' or taller. Straight trunked with shaggy bark and branches that curve up at the tips. Bears sweet edible nuts in 40 years. Z4. read more
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Black Walnut Seedlings
Black Walnut SeedlingsWalnut
406 Juglans nigra 70-90'. A spectacular shade tree with a open rounded crown of massive limbs with dark green leaves. Nuts have sweet earthy rich flavor. May begin to bear fruit in 5-10 years. Z4. read more
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Shade Trees
Paper Birch
Paper BirchBirch
414 Betula papyrifera 30-70' x 30'. Medium-sized tree w/ irregular oval shape, upright angled branches and magnificent chalk-white peeling bark. Deep green foliage makes light shade in summer, turns clear yellow in fall. read more
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River BirchBirch
413 Betula nigra 60-80' x 40-60' Very large graceful rounded tree with beautiful bark. Foliage yellows before dropping. Fast growing, trouble free. Z4. ME Grown. read more
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Sweet BirchBirch
412 Betula lenta 40-80' x 35-45' Medium-sized tree with graceful horizontal shiny bronze branches. Catkins dangle in spring. Foliage turns splendid golden-yellow in fall. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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‘Princeton’ American ElmElm
426 Ulmus americana 60x70' Large fast-growing graceful shade tree chosen for its high resistance to disease. Immense vase-shaped canopy. Long loose branches sway in the breeze. Z4. read more
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416 Ginkgo biloba 50-80'. Upright tree when young, becoming wide-spreading and graceful. Unique fan-shaped foliage turns sparkling golden-yellow in fall. Z3. read more
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418 Gleditsia triacanthos 50' x 30-35'

Beautiful fast-growing pyramidal leguminous nitrogen-fixing tree. Bright green lacy leaves provide filtered

... read more
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Eastern HophornbeamHophornbeam
419 Ostrya virginiana 20-40' x 15-20' Small native upland understory tree is tougher than nails. Shaggy grey-brown bark and birch-like leaves. Seeds mature in papery cones resembling hops. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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Horse Chestnut
Horse Chestnut
Horse Chestnut
411 Aesculus hippocastanum Huge conical shade trees with magnificent white 8-12" candle-like flower clusters in late spring. Distinctive five-palmate leaves are dark matte blue-green. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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Sugar Maple
Sugar MapleMaple
410 Acer saccharum 50-100'. Largest of our native maples valued for shade, syrup and lumber. Famous for its yellow, gold, scarlet and crimson fall foliage and its fresh sap boiled down to make real maple syrup. read more
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Bur Oak
Bur OakOak
422 Quercus macrocarpa 70-80' x same. Hardiest of the white oaks with a deeply grooved massive trunk and a wide-spreading vase-shaped crown of huge branches. Lustrous dark green foliage and large 1-2" fringed acor read more
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Chestnut OakOak
423 Quercus montana 50-70' x same. Dark yellow-green lustrous leaves with scalloped edges resemble chestnut leaves. Acorns are important browse for deer, squirrels and other wildlife. Z4. ME Grown. read more
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White Oak
White OakOak
420 Quercus alba 60-80' with same spread. Spectacular broad oak with low-lying branches that grow horizontally from the trunk, sometimes as far as 50'. Slow growing and very long-lived. Z3. ME Grown. read more
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Niobe Weeping Willow
Niobe Weeping WillowWillow
424 Salix alba ‘Tristis’ 50x50'. The classic weeping willow, a very large majestic graceful wide-spreading tree. Z4. ME Grown. read more
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