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Chestnutsold out for orders received after 2/6/18
123 Early Fall. Firm, crisp, juicy dessert crab excellent for fresh eating, pickles and sauce. Stores a month. Beautiful mid-late blooms. Z3-6. ME Grown. read more

Nut Trees


American Chestnut Seedlings
American Chestnut Seedlingssold out for orders received after 2/15/18
403 Castanea dentata Up to 100'. Fast growing and straight trunked with a wide-branching magnificent rounded crown. Fragrant white blooms in July. Ribbed sharp-toothed lustrous dark green foliage. Yellow fall color. read more


Apple Scionwood

Chestnut Apple Scionwood
Chestnut Apple Scionwoodearly shipment; order deadline has passed
L822 This is a twig for grafting. Early Fall. Small apple for truly excellent fresh-eating. Yellow and bronze-red skin with some russeting. Crisp juicy very sweet yellowish flesh. Z3-5. read more

Shade Trees

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut
Horse Chestnut
411 Aesculus hippocastanum Huge conical shade trees with magnificent white 8-12" candle-like flower clusters in late spring. Distinctive five-palmate leaves are dark matte blue-green. Z3. ME Grown. read more


Chestnut Oak
423 Quercus montana 50-70' x same. Dark yellow-green lustrous leaves with scalloped edges resemble chestnut leaves. Acorns are important browse for deer, squirrels and other wildlife. Z4. ME Grown. read more