Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2018 catalog, in early October 2017.
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Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2018 catalog, in early October 2017.
Sultry Sunset Mix Dahlia Dahlia Colors range from amber to coral, rose to ruby to a warm rich magenta-purple.

A grand combination of solids and bicolors, cactus, semi-cactus, decoratives and dinnerplates. Provides endless displays of breathtaking blossoms in a vast array of sizes, shapes and colors, steadily blooming from midsummer till frost—adding incredible late-season value to the cutting garden.

Native to hot parts of the Americas and first developed as a food crop, ornamental dahlias are descended from years of breeding and hybridizing D. pinnata and D. juarezi. 36–44" tall.

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Additional Information

Tender Summer Bulbs

Spring-planted bulbs offer wonderful variety to the cutflower market and are a staple in old-fashioned gardens. Once upon a time, back roads beckoned my mother to spend many a summer Sunday in search of the best deal on roadside dahlias, glads and lilies. Every few miles she would find buckets brimming with blooms for 10¢ a stem. Nowadays it’s more like $1. Spring-planted bulbs are not hardy to northern climes. Smart and thrifty people lift and store them over the winter; the rest of us treat them as annuals.

Overwintering Summer Bulbs
Spring-planted summer-blooming bulbs, corms and tubers will not survive northern winters outdoors. To save them for next year, dig them up in the fall after the foliage dies, gently brush off any soil and debris, and dry them. Store somewhere dark and cool (40–50°) in dry peat or sawdust, then replant in spring. You can also grow them in pots and relocate as the weather dictates.

You may want to try leaving the bulbs in the ground if you’re gardening somewhere warmer than Maine. Zone ratings:
Anemone - Z7.
Crocosmia - Z6.
Gladiolus - Z6; maybe Z5 with heavy snow cover.
Acidanthera - Z7.