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‘Victoria’ Rhubarb Seedlings

‘Victoria’ Rhubarb Seedlings

Rheum rhabarbarum Early Summer. Joseph Myatt intro, Manor Farm, Deptford, England, 1837. Heirloom variety, named to honor the new young Queen, it was considered to be the most important rhubarb variety of the 19th century.

Famous for early summer pie and wine, but also good in sauce, bread, juice, soup or cooked with meat and fish. Victorian cookbooks included rhubarb compotes, fools and charlottes. Eventually brought to North America through the efforts of Ben Franklin and John Bartram.

Low-maintenance, will continue through summer if flower stalks are removed and new leaves allowed to grow. Leaves are not edible.

We are offering seedling crowns grown by organic farming practices at Villageside Farm in Freedom, Maine. There will be variation within the crop. All are vigorous and delicious, and we’ve enjoyed them in our pies, wines and sauces. Z3. Maine Grown. (bare-root divisions)

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Plant crowns 2–4' apart in rows 3–4' apart. Leaves are not edible. Short harvest window in third season, full harvest thereafter.

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