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‘Princeton’ American Elm

Ulmus americana 60x70' Princeton Nursery intro, 1922.

Large fast-growing graceful native once lined virtually every street in New England but declined dramatically due to Dutch elm disease. Fortunately, several disease-resistant cultivars have been introduced. This one has been in the trade for almost a century, chosen for its high resistance to the disease. Good resistance to elm leaf beetles, too.

At maturity the trunk can be 4' (even up to 8'!) in diameter with an immense vase-shaped canopy. Long loose branches blow and sway in a hazy breeze on hot summer days.

One of the most wonderful shade trees for northern climates. We’re infatuated with them. If you find yourself in Castine, Maine, visit the huge old elms lining every street; you’ll feel like you stepped back in time.

Soil adaptable, prefers moist areas along rivers and streams but also grows well in drier places. Salt and drought tolerant. Plant more elms! Z4. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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