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American Linden
American Linden

American Linden

Tilia americana 60-80' x same. Also known as Basswood and Butterwood.

Tall stately tree with rounded crown and numerous low-hung spreading branches. Sweetly fragrant yellow June flowers will attract all the bees in the neighborhood, are reputed to make the best honey, and also make a popular after-dinner tea and stomach remedy. Sprinkle them on your salad for a festive treat. The young half-size foliage makes a high-quality salad green.

Excellent carving wood. Fibrous inner bark used for making cordage. Yellow fall color.

Prefers deep rich moist soils with a pH slightly alkaline. Full sun or partial shade. Sensitive to salt and pollution. Native from New Brunswick to Virginia. Z3. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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