Itasca Grape

Early. MN 1285 (Frontenac Gris x MN 1234) U Minn intro, 2017. Brand new in vineyards and nurseries across the country, the fifth cold-hardy grape to be released from the Minnesota grape breeding program.

Golden-yellow berry with low acid, high sugar and high resistance to common grape diseases. Breaks bud early, ready to harvest early. Makes a nice dry Sauvignon Blanc-style wine with what grower Andy Farmer described as “apple melon quince violet” flavors with pear as the top floral note.

Vigorous upright vines have survived –38°. Z4. (well-rooted bare-root vines)

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Grapes do not need another variety for pollination. Space 8–12' apart in rows 8–12' apart.

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