Ramsdell Sweet Apple


Ramsdell Sweet Apple

Fall. Rev. Hezekiah Ramsdell intro, West Thompson, CT, before 1837. Many synonyms, including English Sweet, Sweet Red, Pumpkin Sweet and Wardwell Sweet.

A true “sweet” with almost no acidity. Fine textured and juicy. Recommended for baking, boiling in hot milk, apple molasses and fermented cider. Good fresh eating if you like your dessert apples acid-free. In mid-December this apple is still relatively crisp and pleasant to eat. Large, roundish, slightly ribbed, deep red blushed with prominent russet dots and a russet splash around the stem.

We found this one growing in Fairfield, ME, under the name Sweet Red. After years of research and contemplation, we’re convinced it is Ramsdell Sweet, one of the most famous of the sweet apples. Keeps till midwinter in a root cellar. Uncertain bloom time. Zone 3 or 4. Maine Grown. (Standard: 3-6' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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