Ram’s Horn Willow
Ram’s Horn Willow
Ram’s Horn Willow

Ram’s Horn Willow

Salix babylonica ‘Crispa’ 30' x same. Tightly curled leaves spiral and twist like little ram’s horns covering the stem, revealing bark and the silver undersides of the leaves to create a curious effect. Thought to be a 19th-century sport (mutation) of a classic weeping willow, it can grow to be a large weeper but is often severely pruned to a small upright shrub in order to enjoy its peculiarity up close.

A good willow for coppicing or pollarding. The ornamental stems can be used in basketry or for forcing in a vase in early spring.

Tolerates being planted near black walnuts. Vigorous fast grower. Thrives in full sun and in heavy damp soils and will tolerate seasonal standing water. Z4/5. Maine Grown. (1-2' bare-root plants)

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