Porter Apple

Late Summer-Early Fall. Originated on the farm of the Rev. Samuel Porter, Sherburne, Massachusetts, about 1800.

One of the true all-purpose heirloom apples, popular throughout much of New England for more than a century. The 1922 Cyclopedia of Hardy Fruits calls the apple “crisp, tender, juicy, perfumed flesh, richly flavored and sufficiently acidulous to make it one of the most refreshing of all apples.” Medium-large oblong barrel-shaped conical yellow fruit with a faint reddish blush. Particularly good dessert apple.

In 1896, Fanny Farmer described in her famous cookbook how to can them: “Wipe, quarter, core, and pare Porter apples, then weigh. Make a syrup by boiling for ten minutes one-third their weight in sugar with water, allowing two and one-half cups to each pound of sugar. Cook apples in syrup until soft, doing a few at a time…”

19th-century social reformer, clergyman and renowned abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher once famously declared, “Who would make jelly of any other apple, that had the Porter?” Our scionwood comes from Porter’s hometown of Sherburne, Mass. Blooms late season. Z4-7. Maine Grown. (Standard: 3-6' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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