Northern Catalpa


Northern Catalpa

Catalpa speciosa 40-60' Also known as Western Catalpa, Elephant Ear Tree, Catawba and Cigar Tree.

Fast-growing coarse habit with a somewhat narrow open irregular crown and thick interesting undulant branches. Dense foliage of huge “elephant ear” heart- shaped leaves provides excellent shade.

Covered in early summer with clusters of ruffled incredibly fragrant jasmine-scented white blossoms, each dotted with purple and spotted with rich buttery yellow radiating from the throat. Flowers attract bees by day and moths by night. Fruits are long bean-like “cigar” pods. The wood is extremely rot resistant and was once used to make railroad ties in the Midwest.

Prefers deep moist fertile soil, but thrives in almost any condition, sun or part shade. Grows rapidly. Remains dormant late into spring. Self-fertile. Native to central U.S. Z4. (2-4' bare-root trees)

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