Nijisseiki Asian Pear

Late Summer-Fall. Chance seedling “found on a rubbish heap” by Kakunosuke Matsudo at Ishii, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, 1898. Also known as Twentieth Century.

White flesh is mild-flavored, crisp, juicy, medium-sugar and high acid. Medium-large greenish-yellow semi-glossy fruit is roundish-oblate. This is the pear that, along with Chojuro, kicked off the Asian pear industry in Japan and became the standard to which all others are compared.

Tree is medium-sized, upright and spreading. Fruit can be small if you don’t thin—leave about one fruit per spur. Stores up to 6 months in cool storage.

Used extensively in modern Japanese pear breeding programs. Ripens a couple of weeks later than Shinsui. Z5/6. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Asian Pears

Although partly self-fruitful, pollinators are recommended. The varieties we offer will pollinate one another. Some European pears, notably Bartlett, will also act as pollinators. Plant 15–20' apart.

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