Nelson Blackberry


Nelson Blackberry

Midsummer. Nelson has been surviving Maine winters for at least a century. Introduced to us by the descendants of Nelson Fronk, whose 1928 family photograph taken on their farm northeast of Farmington, Maine, shows the blackberries growing next to the barn.

John Meader grows Nelson and calls it “exceptionally hardy,” one of the most enduring blackberries he has ever grown. Tall sturdy upright inch-thick canes can be grown on posts but also do well free standing. Fruit is moderately large and quite juicy with true blackberry taste. Highly productive: 16-18 blossoms on the central stalk is the most John has ever seen on any blackberry. He gets four good pickings from his patch over two weeks in mid-August. Excellent jelly and good fresh eating. Disease resistant and certified virus-free plugs.

Blackberries bear on second-year canes. Plant in hills (see planting info). Like all blackberries, spreads quickly so give it room. Z4, maybe Zone 3. (certified virus-free well-rooted plugs)

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