‘Nanus’ Ninebark

Physocarpus opufolius 1-2' x 2-3' Pink rosy buds form on this dwarf cultivar in early May and open up to creamy white inflorescences (called corymbs) consisting of dozens of tiny flowers, the kind pollinators love. Early flowers when not a lot else is blooming. Blooms turns to clusters of orangey-red fruit (seed capsules) adding more texture to the overall effect. Alternate roundish-ovate leaves have 3–5 lobes with a slightly serrated edge reminiscent of highbush cranberry.

Nanus is good for small spaces, beautiful in low hedges and borders and useful for bank stabilization. When leaves drop in fall, exfoliating brown bark is exposed, a nice accent to the winter garden. Upright stiff branches grow up and out from a low center base. Leave as coarse habit or prune immediately after flowering to shape. Easy to grow with few maintenance needs or disease problems.

Drought tolerant. Grows well in most soils and will tolerate clay, full sun to part shade. Species native Quebec to Virginia and inland. Z3. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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