‘Misty Blue’ Colorado Blue Spruce


‘Misty Blue’ Colorado Blue Spruce

Picea pungens ‘Glauca’ 30-60' Very popular specimen tree with truer blue foliage than other varieties.

Excellent for privacy screens, as it is fast growing after 3'. One of the most beautiful stands of blue spruce is on Rt. 139 in Benton, just before you cross the Sebasticook River.

Plant in full sun to part shade. Does not like wet soil. Extra spring nitrogen will improve blue color, which doesn’t appear for first few years. Native to western U.S. Z2. (12-18" bare-root transplants)

441 ‘Misty Blue’ Colorado Blue Spruce
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Evergreens tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but prefer a pH between 5.5–6.5.
Young conifers need ¾–1" of rain per week. Periodic deep waterings are far more beneficial than frequent sprinklings. No fertilization is necessary in the first year.

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