Meteor Pie Cherry


Meteor Pie Cherry

Prunus cerasus Summer. MN 66 (Montmorency x Vladimir) U Minn, 1952.

Bright scarlet roundish-oval fruit. Translucent bright yellow flesh and clear juice. Mildly acid flavor. Very good eating right off the tree. Also good for pies, canning and freezing. Easy to pit. Excellent dried.

Has proven to be a consistent producer in some locations but susceptible to brown rot in others. In coldest districts cropping has been inconsistent and hardiness questionable. In our Aroostook County test orchard, trees died to the ground after temperatures of –38°: not as hardy as Garfield Plantation. However, we still recommend it from central Maine south, Zones 4-6, where some growers are having great success with Meteor. Ripens mid-July in central Maine. Z4. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Pie Cherries

Pie Cherries are self-pollinating; one tree alone is sufficient. Plant 15–20' apart.

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