Louise Swenson Grape


Louise Swenson Grape

Mid. ES 4-8-33 (ES 2-3-17 x Kay Gray) Elmer Swenson intro, MN, 2001. Also called Louise (Elmer’s wife).

Large clusters of high-quality light green grapes produce a light subtle aromatic white wine. Also excellent for eating out of hand, juice or jelly. Minnesota Grape Growers describes the wine as having a “delicate aroma of flowers and honey.” Winemakers recommend adding fuller-bodied grapes like Prairie Star or Frontenac Blanc for a finished blend. Extremely reliable yields on moderately vigorous vines. Buds out relatively late in the spring. Extremely hardy to –40°. Disease resistant. Will tolerate heavier soils than most other grapes. Z3. (well-rooted bare-root vines)

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Grapes do not need another variety for pollination. Space 8–12' apart in rows 8–12' apart.

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