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Small Trees and Shrubs


‘Aurora’sold out for orders received after 2/13/20
518 Lonicera caerulea 5-6' x same. Big fruit with exceptionally sweet flavor. Less acidic than other varieties. Popular with commercial producers and backyard growers. Z2. read more
‘Czech 17’sold out
520 Lonicera caerulea 6-8'. Also called Berry Blue or Berry Smart Blue. Fruit is plentiful and tart. Good fresh or processed. Needs another honeyberry for pollination. Z2. read more
‘Indigo Gem’check back later
521 Lonicera caerulea 4-6' x same. Sweet, slightly tangy and chewy. The preferred variety for fresh eating. Very productive. Needs Aurora for pollination. Z2. read more
‘Indigo Treat’check back later
522 Lonicera caerulea 4-5' x same. Small, soft, chewy fruit with pleasant flavor. Productive and very hardy. Needs Aurora for pollination. Z2. read more