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Small & Light Shipping Charges

Because trees and shrubs are long, and the damp packing material around their roots is heavy, most plants we ship incur oversize-box charges from UPS (hence the $22.50 minimum to the Lower 48.)

The items in the following list qualify for our Small & Light shipping. The minimum is lower, because they fit in a regular box. If your entire order consists only of items on this list (stock numbers beginning with L), the Small & Light rate applies.

All Strawberries: L366-372
All Hops: L396-398
Most Groundcovers:
Bearberry: L581
Heathers: L582-583
Wintergreen: L584
All Lingonberries: L586-597
All Garden Roots:
Horseradish: L598
Asparagus: L599-600
Rhubarb: L602
All Mushroom tools: L605-610
Plug Spawn: A&B only. Sawdust Spawn C is Heavy.
Mushroom Plug Kits: D only. Countertop Kits E are Heavy.
Agri-gel®: L654
Cider T-shirts: L655, L656
Books: Not Far From the Tree - L657; Apples of New York - L658
All Perennials, Medicinal Perennials, Tender Summer Bulbs: L675-790
All Scionwood: L801-933
If you order any other “non-L” items in addition to these, you pay the regular shipping charges.