Kingston Black Cider Apple


Kingston Black Cider Apple

Fall. Vintage bittersharp cider apple. Parentage unknown. Somerset, England, early 19th century.

High in tannin and acidity. (SG 1.061, acidity 5.8g/L, tannin 1.9g/L) Produces full-bodied vintage cider with a nice blend of acid, tannins and sugar.

One of the noteworthy varieties that makes a high-quality single variety hard cider, but is also good in a blend. We’ve become fans of Farnum Hill Cider’s tasty Kingston Black varietal. Now we make it ourselves. Also makes superb fresh cider. Even the fresh juice is a deep rich dark color.

Medium-sized conical beautiful rich red fruit is mottled with red russet and deeper shades of maroon. Fairly decent fresh eating. The tree is a reliable bearer, but is gangly and needs careful pruning. Blooms midseason. Z4. Maine Grown. (Standard: 3–6' bare-root trees; semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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