Kahinta Hybrid Plum


Kahinta Hybrid Plum

Mid-Late Summer. Luther Burbank’s Prunus salicina Apple x P. americana Terry. SD, 1912. Another intro by plant breeder NE Hansen.

Large 1½" roundish slightly pointed fruit is flattened at the stem end. Brilliant red-purple tart skin and translucent yellow-orange tart but quite flavorful flesh. Easy to peel; peeled fruit looks like a peeled tangerine. Or you can bite a small hole in the skin and suck out the juicy flesh. Clingstone. Very good for fresh eating or canning.

Medium-sized spreading tree. Kept pruned, our 20-year-old tree remains about 8' tall. Bears more reliably than most other varieties in our orchard. Kahinta is the Sioux word for ‘sweep.’

Rare. Z3. Maine Grown. Indigenous Royalties. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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Additional Information

Hybrid Plums

Hybrid plums require a second variety for pollination. They can be planted close to form a thicket, or spaced 15–20' in an orchard setting. Include native plum pollinators (Prunus americana seedlings or named varieties Pamela, South Dakota and Toka) among the hybrids for best results. At maturity, hybrid plums are roughly 15–20' tall.

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