Hybrid Chestnut Seedling

Hybrid Chestnut Seedling
Photo copyright Akiva Silver. Used with permission.

Hybrid Chestnut Seedling

Castanea 40-60' x 30-40' Seed collected from orchards with potential crossings of C. crenata (Japanese), C. mollissima (Chinese) and C. dentata (American).

Harvested from healthy trees showing excellent blight resistance. Great flavor, much better than chestnuts from the store, and high annual nut production averaging 20-50 lb per tree. Use them for roasting, stuffing and soups, or dry them to make flour for baked goods.

Typically begin flowering at age 3–5. Prefers loamy sandy well-drained acidic soil. Produce well even during harsh droughty conditions. Two or more needed for pollination. Will cross-pollinate with American chestnut. Z4. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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