‘CD Eason’ Bell Heather
L584 Erica cinerea 8-10" x 12-24". Distinct bell-shaped magenta flowers. Profuse repeat blooms over a long season. Foliage is wispier, more fern-like than heathers with a more mounded mat-like growth habit. Z5. read more
‘Silver Knight’
L581 Calluna vulgaris 12-18" x 18-24". Soft single lavender flowers from August to September. Foliage stays consistently woolly and silvery-grey, becoming deeper grey with violet hues in winter. Erect form. Z4. read more
‘Winter Chocolate’
L582 Calluna vulgaris 6-10" x 12-18". Pale lavender flowers August-October. Bronze foliage in winter, orange-red tips emerging in spring. Deep green foliage at base and chocolaty stems offer striking contrast. Z4. read more