Green Gage European Plum


Green Gage European Plum

Prunus domestica Mid-Late Summer. Unknown origin, maybe P. d. x P. institia. Probably Armenia, long before 1500. Also called Reine Claude.

Often considered the best of all dessert plums. Small round semi-freestone yellowish-green fruit sometimes mottled with red has tender juicy melting flesh with rich flavor.

A favorite in Europe for more than 500 years. Long referred to as Armenian plum, suggesting its possible point of origin, though no one knows for sure. Found its way to Greece and Italy and then introduced into France in the early 16th century where it acquired the name Reine Claude in honor of the wife of Francis I. Later brought to England by the Gage family. While a number of Gages have been selected over the years, Green Gage is the original.

Medium-sized tree bears heavily. Not long-lived. Fruit susceptible to cracking. Z4. (3-6' bare-root trees)

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European Plums

Although European plums are self-pollinating, planting two different varieties will improve pollination. (Will not pollinate hybrid plums.) Mature trees are 15–20', or smaller. Space 20' apart.

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