‘Maiden’s Blush’ Rose


‘Maiden’s Blush’ Rose

Rosa alba 5-6' x same. France, 15th century. In France this ancient rose was called Cuisse de Nymphe, but when brought over to Victorian England, the name swiftly changed to a more modest Maiden’s Blush.

Highly fragrant 3" very double soft medium pale pink flowers bloom profusely end of June to early July. Tightly arranged petals, sometimes more than 200 on a single flower, soften and open to a whitish, paler pink. Jen’s all-time favorite rose. Rose propagator Bob Osborne says, “I can think of no other rose with such an intoxicating aroma, such sensuous color or perfection in form.”

Upright slightly arching spreading form. Elegant in every way. Z4. (9-18" bare-root plants)

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Plant crowns 4–6' apart, in a large well-fertilized hole, in an area with at least 4–6 hrs of sun per day.

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