‘Elegant’ Cornelian Cherry


‘Elegant’ Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas 20-25' x 15-20' Bred by Svetlana Klimenko, a Ukranian botanist at the Central Botanic Garden in Kiev.

Selected for good fresh-eating flavor. Ripens around the third week of August in Maine. Picking window lasts between two and three weeks.

Fruits are about 1¼" long with a very slender elongated shape. Soft flesh is tricky to pit so best eaten out of hand.

Native to Europe and Asia. Z4/5. Maine Grown. (2-5' bare-root plants)

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Additional Information

Cornelian Cherry

Considered partially self-fruitful, so we recommend planting more than one cultivar to ensure pollination. Likely to bear fruit in 2–3 years.

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