Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

Laetiporus sulphureus Ships on our regular schedule, between March 25 and April 12. Large bright orange fruit bodies have a texture reminiscent of chicken. Great in soups and stir-fries. Fruits all season from late spring into late fall. Prefers large-diameter oak logs.

Plug Spawn are small wooden dowels colonized by mushroom mycelium, available in bags of 100 or 500.
Sawdust Spawn is hardwood sawdust colonized by mushroom mycelium; bag contains 5½ lbs.

592 Chicken of the Woods
Item Discounted
L592A: 100 plugs, 100 for $15.00
Ordering closed for the season
L592B: 500 plugs, 500 for $32.00
Ordering closed for the season
592C: Sawdust spawn, 1 for $20.00
Ordering closed for the season
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