‘Cascade’ Hops

Humulus lupulus Late summer. Up to 20-30' USDA 19124 [(Fuggle x Serebrianka-Fuggle S) x open-pollinated] Oregon St U, 1972.

Fragrantly aromatic hop, low bittering value. Contains 4-7% alpha acids.

Very productive with large cones, ready to harvest mid-late August in central Maine. A customer wrote, “Cascade has gained impeccable renown as the charismatic hop in such unsurpassable ales as Anchor’s Liberty Ale, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale and McNeill’s Firehouse Amber Ale. Nothing ‘light’ about these.”

Resistant to downy mildew. Z3. (5-6" female rhizomes)

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Hops are self-pollinating. Dig holes about 1' deep and at least 3' apart in rows, plant 1-2 rhizomes per hole, and cover with 1–2" of loose soil.

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