Lowbush Blueberry Sod Squares


Lowbush Blueberry Sod Squares

Vaccinium angustifolium 6-24" and spreading. Blueberry growers in Maine usually don’t bother with the “lowbush” distinction; to them, this is the only true blueberry. Folks from away may know these berries from the grocery freezer, labeled Maine Wild Blueberries.

Though plants and berries are diminutive, the taste is supreme. Lustrous blue-green medicinal foliage is good in teas and turns an amazing combination of bronze, orange and scarlet in the fall. Grown in Maine long before Europeans came Downeast, blueberries are still a local favorite and cultivated on thousands of acres. Native to northeastern U.S. Spreads by seed and rhizomes. Transplants will gradually form colonies.

Sods from blueberry fields of Ewing Fruit Co. in Warren, Maine. Z2. Maine Grown. (6x6" sods)

396 Lowbush Blueberry Sod Squares
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Lowbush Blueberries

Generally self-pollinating; but other blueberries nearby will help ensure pollination. Plant 12" apart each way and cultivate as a ground cover.

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