Juglans cinerea 40-60' x same.

Very large impressive rounded shade tree produces edible nuts. Broad open crown, distinctive compound leaves on large arching branches that can hang nearly to the ground. Leafs out relatively late in spring.

Use the oblong edible nut to make oil, or pickle the soft young nut for snacking. Husks yield a yellow-orange dye. Very nice cabinet wood referred to as White Walnut.

Prefers moist rich deep soils but will grow in dry rocky conditions. Give it full sun and plenty of space.

Susceptible to butternut canker, which has devastated many wild specimens. Some lovely old trees are thriving in Belfast, Belmont, and Newburgh and may have been back-crossed long ago to include genes resistant to the canker. These seedlings were nuts that we harvested from some of those old Maine trees. Self-fertile but plant two for more abundant crops. Native New Brunswick to Georgia. Z3. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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