‘Aurora’ Honeyberry


‘Aurora’ Honeyberry

Lonicera caerulea 5-6' x same. (Solovey x MT46.55) USask intro, 2014. Russian and Japanese parentage.

Honeyberry (also called Haskap or Edible Honeysuckle) is a medium-sized fruiting shrub is somewhat similar in bush and berry to our native highbush blueberry. Native to Siberia and the Kuril Islands. Small dark blue oval fruit, very high in antioxidants, ripens in June around or just before strawberries.

Popular in commercial production and with backyard berry growers due to its big fruit with exceptionally sweet flavor. Contains less acidity than other varieties. Berries are roughly double the length of other varieties. Selected among 10,000 seedlings over the course of a decade of breeding. Ripens after both Indigo Gem and Indigo Treat. We are excited to offer this newer introduction for the first time this year.

Productive plants bear at a young age with proper pollination. Adaptable to most soils with a wide pH range (5.0-8.5). Fruits best in full sun. Extremely hardy. Low maintenance and disease free, though leaves may show sign of sunburn as season progresses. Plant 2 or 3 varieties for best pollination., although please note that the Indigos are siblings and won't pollinate each other—plant them with Aurora. Z2. (well-rooted transplants)

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