Royalty Purple Summer-bearing Raspberry


Royalty Purple Summer-bearing Raspberry

Mid. (Cumberland x Newburgh) x (Newburgh x Indian Summer) NY Stn, 1982.

Their distinctive flavor is different from the red raspberries, with a hint of black raspberry. A favorite for fresh eating among those who know it. Cohesive fairly firm large berries make outstanding jam and jelly, too.

Extremely robust minimally suckering plants are very productive and open-formed; the berries are eye-level and easy to pick. Ready to harvest when they are deep purple, somewhat later than the reds.

Plant in hills (see planting info). Summer-bearing raspberries bear on second-year canes (floricanes). Midseason berries ripen around late July in central Maine.

Disease resistant. Usually considered Zone 4 but is proving itself into Zone 3 with occasional slight tip dieback. Z3/4. (certified virus-free bare-root plants)

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