‘Anna’ Female
‘Anna’ Female
‘Anna’ Female
‘Anna’ Female

‘Anna’ Female Kiwi

Actinidia arguta 20' or more. Also called Ananasnaya. Thought to be a hardy cross between arguta and kolomikta species. The Russian name means ‘pineapple-like’ and describes its taste.

Produces delicious fruits with a smooth and edible skin, smaller than supermarket kiwis. Tangy and sweet with rusty red skin. Heavy yields are late to ripen, very end of September or early October.

Requires Meader for pollination. Z4. (well-rooted transplants)

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Additional Information

Hardy Kiwi

Both male and female plants required for fruit. The females produce the kiwis, and one male will usually pollinate at least three females of the same species.
Plant vines 10' apart each way.

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