‘Afterglow’ Winterberry


‘Afterglow’ Winterberry

Ilex verticillata 3-6' x 3-5' Female.

Early bloomer with large orange-red fruit. Compact form with small glossy green leaves. Profusions of bright red ⅜" berries stand out after the leaves fall and keep their color all winter, spectacular against the snow. A staple of the Maine landscape, providing late-spring forage for birds. Richly foliated, but open enough to display interesting branch structure. Tiny white flowers in mid-July attract pollinators. Jim Dandy male required for fruit.

Tolerates dry conditions but prefers moist or wet acidic soil, even standing water. Sun or partial shade. No serious pests. Native from Midwestern to eastern U.S. Z4. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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Additional Information

Winterberry (Ilex)

Male and female plants required for fruit, which is produced on female plants. Plant males within 30' of females.

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