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PorterOrdering closed for the season
174 Late Summer-Early Fall. A true all-purpose heirloom apple. Medium-large with crisp, tender, juicy, perfumed flesh. Richly flavored. Z4-7. read more


Highbush Blueberries

Highbush Blueberry
JerseyOrdering closed for the season
358 Vaccinium corymbosum Mid-Late. 5-7'. Medium-to-large dark blue berries in large loose clusters. Z4. read more

Cane Fruit


NelsonOrdering closed for the season
350 Midsummer. Moderately large and quite juicy fruit with true blackberry taste. Highly productive. Z4, maybe Zone 3. read more

Summer-bearing Raspberries

Summer-bearing Raspberry
LathamOrdering closed for the season
345 Mid. Large berries are firm, a little crumbly and sweet. Full-flavored and aromatic. Great for fresh eating, canning, freezing, jam, juice or pie. Z3. read more


European Pears

PattenOrdering closed for the season
254 Late Summer. The best-quality large hardy pear available. Very good fresh eating with sweet “high flavor.” Good canning. Z3. read more


European Plums

European Plum
StanleyOrdering closed for the season
336 Late Summer. Medium-to-large oval plum with dark blue skin. Green-yellow sweet flesh. Excellent for cooking, eating, canning and drying. Z4. read more

Hybrid Plums

Hybrid Plum
HanskaOrdering closed for the season
319 Summer. Medium-sized fruit with firm fragrant yellow semi-freestone flesh. Apricot-like flavor when cooked. Grows rapidly. Z3/4. read more
La Crescent
Hybrid Plum
La CrescentOrdering closed for the season
321 Late Summer. Roundish tender thin-skinned yellow plum sometimes blushed with a little pink. Tender yellow juicy flesh. Freestone. Z3/4. read more
Hybrid Plum
UnderwoodOrdering closed for the season
328 Midsummer. Medium-to-large 2" dull red fruit. Firm sweet juicy golden-yellow semi-freestone flesh, very good for eating and cooking. Z3. read more


Apple Scionwood

Goodland Scionwood
Goodland ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L844 This is a twig for grafting. Early Fall. Medium-to-large creamy green apple blushed with red. Crisp tender juicy aromatic sweetly subacid flesh. Excellent eating and sauce. Keeps till early winter. Z3-5. read more
Kola Apple Scionwood
Kola Apple ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L864 This is a twig for grafting. Fall. Highly unusual apple and tree. Small green fruit is reminiscent of wet wool, grapefruit pith, bourbon, caramel and hair salon. Not bitter, but sharp and astringent. Sauce and cider. Z2?-6. read more
Macoun Apple Scionwood
Macoun Apple ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L867 This is a twig for grafting. Fall. Medium-sized, very juicy aromatic white flesh. Crisp with rich sweet flavor. Excellent fresh eating. Vigorous tree. Z4-6. read more
Mantet Apple Scionwood
Mantet Apple ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L871 This is a twig for grafting. Late Summer. High-quality apple for fresh eating and sauce. Yellow fruit with dark red streaks and blotches. Fine-grained juicy tender aromatic creamy white flesh. Z3-5. read more
Milton Scionwood
Milton ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L877 This is a twig for grafting. Late Summer-Fall. Known as a cooking apple, but good fresh-eating as well. Tender rosy-red skin and slightly tart aromatic white moderately juicy flesh. Z3-7. read more
Nehou Apple Scionwood
Nehou Apple ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L880 This is a twig for grafting. Early Fall. Full bittersweet cider apple. Best for blending with other early fall ripeners. Yellow fruit with a pinkish blush. Soft, juicy, low-acid, sweet and astringent. Z4-7. read more
Sharon Apple Scionwood
Sharon Apple ScionwoodOrdering closed for the season
L904 This is a twig for grafting. Fall-Winter. All-purpose aromatic fruit somewhat similar to McIntosh, though sweeter and firmer. Vigorous and productive. Z3/4-6. read more

Small Trees and Shrubs


GwendolynOrdering closed for the season
472 Malus 20x30'. Pink buds followed by masses of very large single pink fragrant blooms. 1" red fruit. Disease resistant. Z3/4. read more


‘Adams No. 1’
‘Adams No. 1’Ordering closed for the season
514 Sambucus canadensis Large elderberries and fruit clusters make for easy and fast picking. Very large vigorous strong productive bush. Typically 7-8' tall. Z3. read more


‘Magnifica’Ordering closed for the season
502 Rosa rugosa 4-5' x 5-6'. Large clusters of loose double fuchsia flowers with spicy fragrance. Vigorous wide-spreading habit. Large hips. Disease resistant. Z4. read more