‘Venus’ Allspice

Calycanthus floridus 5-7' x same.

Fragrant creamy white flowers with purple and yellow centers. Overall plant size is smaller than the species though the flowers are significantly larger. Long distinctive petals are loosely arranged. The first time we saw this stunning cultivar of Carolina Allspice in Maine was at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. We are excited to offer it in our catalog for the first time and trial it for hardiness in central Maine.

Beautiful aromatic shrub with upright magnolia-like flowers and a spicy fruity fragrance. Blooms while breaking dormancy starting late April, continuing into June and sporadically through summer. Shiny polished leaves stay lush and green all summer.

Flowers on new wood, so best pruned in summer. In warmer climates inedible poisonous fruit will develop. Partial sun, moist rich soil. Species is native to stream edges and woodlands of southeastern U.S. Z4/5. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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