Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
Ordering will resume for Fedco Trees when we release our 2019 catalog, in early October 2018.
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‘Alain Blanchard’Ordering closed for the season
525 Rosa gallica 4-5' x same. Large fragrant semi-double deep crimson-purple petals surround distinct golden stamens. Handles shade better than other roses. Z4. read more
‘BAIset’ Sunrise SunsetOrdering closed for the season
523 Rosa 2-4' x 3-5' Semi-double multicolored 2" flowers blending fuchsia at the petal edges to apricot in the center. Low-maintenance blooms May through September. Z4. read more
‘Dart’s Dash’Ordering closed for the season
528 Rosa rugosa 4-5' x same. R. rugosa hybrid. Semi-double very large 3-4" magenta flowers with lemony scent. Blooms all summer and into fall. Large orange-red edible hips. Z2. read more
‘Linda Campbell’Ordering closed for the season
529 Rosa rugosa 4-6 x 5-8' R. rugosa hybrid. Bright crimson double 3"-wide blooms start in June and go till frost. Unscented. Vigorous bushy habit perfect for hedges. Z4. read more
‘Maiden’s Blush’Ordering closed for the season
520 Rosa alba 5-6' x same. Highly fragrant 3" double very pale pink-blushed flowers bloom profusely late June into July. Sometimes more than 200 petals per flower. Z4. read more
‘Maxima’Ordering closed for the season
521 Rosa alba 6-8' x same. One of the oldest roses. Very fragrant 3" creamy white ruffled double flowers bloom profusely in mid-late June. Can be trained to climb. Z4. read more
‘Queen of Denmark’Ordering closed for the season
522 Rosa alba 5'x4'. Exquisite highly fragrant rose has long been a favorite in rose gardens. Deep pink petals are darker than other albas. Z3. ME Grown. read more
‘Souvenir de Philemon Cochet’Ordering closed for the season
530 Rosa rugosa 5'x4'. Very double blooms. Highly fragrant large white flowers, sometimes with faint pink blush. Repeat bloomer. No hips. ME Grown. read more
‘Tuscany’Ordering closed for the season
526 Rosa gallica 3x2' In cultivation since the 14th c. Fragrant dark crimson double flowers are blushed blackish purple surrounding prominent golden-yellow stamens. Z4. read more
<em>Rosa rugosa</em>
Rosa rugosaOrdering closed for the season
527 4-6' x same. Vigorous spreading shrub with dark green wrinkled leaves, deep pink to white flowers, and large edible red hips. Needs little care. Z2. read more
Cinnamon Rose
Cinnamon RoseOrdering closed for the season
524 Rosa cinnamomea ‘Plena’ 4-6' x same. Highly fragrant double ruffled pink blossoms smell faintly of cinnamon and cloves. Blooms early. Rare and mysterious. Very low maintenance and adaptable. Z4. read more