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Dutchman’s Pipe
Dutchman’s Pipe
Dutchman’s Pipe
395 Aristolochia durior 20-30' Vigorous climber with large 4-10" heart-shaped dark green leaves. Inconspicuous U-shaped tubular white and mahogany flowers in clusters of 1-3. Sun or shade. Z4. read more
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‘Dropmore Scarlet’ Honeysuckle
‘Dropmore Scarlet’ HoneysuckleHoneysuckle
399 Lonicera x brownii 10-20'. Tall climbing honeysuckle with whimsical clusters of 1½" scarlet-orange tubular flowers from early summer into late fall. Blue-green foliage on red stems. Z3. read more
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L396 Humulus lupulus Fragrantly aromatic hop, low bittering value. Very productive with large cones, ready to harvest mid-late August in central Maine. read more
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L397 Humulus lupulus Floral citrus aroma gives a nice balance to this dual-purpose hop. A common favorite among American craft brewers for IPAs, ales and porters. read more
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L398 Humulus lupulus Very high bittering with good storability. Strong bitter flavor with subtle hints of spice and citrus. Used in IPAs, pale ales, stouts and lagers. read more
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‘Arctic Beauty’ Male
‘Arctic Beauty’ MaleKiwi
391 Actinidia kolomikta Fruitless male pollinator for Red Beauty. Will not pollinate argutas. Z3/4. read more
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‘Chang Bai Mountain’ Female
‘Chang Bai Mountain’ FemaleKiwi
387 Actinidia arguta Female. Firm green heart-shaped kiwis the size of quarters are more rounded than other argutas. Sweet flavor with little acidity. Requires arguta male for pollination. Z4. read more
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‘Meader’ Male
‘Meader’ MaleKiwi
389 Actinidia arguta Fruitless male kiwi suitable for pollinating arguta females Chang Bai and Michigan State. Will not pollinate kolomiktas. Z4. read more
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‘Michigan State’ Female
‘Michigan State’ FemaleKiwi
388 Actinidia arguta Female. Sweet and luscious kiwi, a combination of sweet and sour. Larger than other varieties. Requires arguta male for pollination. Z4. read more
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‘Red Beauty’ Female
‘Red Beauty’ FemaleKiwi
390 Actinidia kolomikta Female. Fruit is sweet and small, the size of a large grape. Requires Arctic Beauty male for pollination. Z3/4. read more
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